Cast, cast, cast

Cast, cast, cast

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 23 February 2024

As you have might read we have had pretty cold winter so far. I had change to use local horse hall for casting few times, but it has problem which I didn't really think about until last Sunday.

I almost changed location to do casting session with Paul, but stayed in the horse hall as it was booked for us. There are basically two issues for me. It has sand as ground so line is not really happy about that, I can avoid  that problem more or less, and afterwards just wash line. Bigger issue is making casting difficult and I truly have to concentrate that. Hall is quite high but not high enough, and as it has some cables and support planks close to roof, it is losing some of the height. Sunday I accidently hit twice on those cables as I didn't  pay attention on that. So on second time my flyline got damage, afterwards I had take 5 cm off. Of course it is still useable and doesn't make difference but... while casting in horse hall I have to keep back casts quite low, so I can't get kind of back bell as I would like. 

Anyway it was good session and almost two hours casting. Temperature was on Tuesday only -7/19 so after ice fishing guiding I did one hour casting training outside. Now I couldn't do it at home as there is not enough space for some drills. So I did it at farm where space is not a issue. It is funny when it is warmer than -10/14, you can easily do good long casting training and you don't even feel cold afterwards.

Ice fishing nice even we didn't get anything on top of the ice. First boy cut the line just before fish was coming out and second time fish got off when head was already in tube. Big disappointment for boy, naturally, but also so for me as he worked hard to get on that point. Well that's fishing. 

Wednesday I had another training about 1 hour, now it was even warmer. Despite the wind it was easy to train. It is only -2/28 so feels like summer after temperatures what we had last week and before. I'm having bad flu now, will do training on Friday and also Saturday if and when weather stays like this.

Saturday is day off and exciting day. Reindeer race season starts and our racing reindeer will have its first official competition. I'm nervous how it will do, four other reindeer and four drives on the track, which is new to him. Crossing fingers; he has lot of potential with speed.


Anyway, I'm really excited also about casting, it feels good to do training, as days are getting longer, we have about 10 hours daylight now. I have easily time after groups to cast during the daylight. Have to beat flu and all good. 

Have a nice weekend and go casting.

Mika from Finland