Can’t come can’t go

Can’t come can’t go

Paul Arden | Monday, 31 August 2020

Here in Malaysia COVID restrictions prevent incoming/outgoing travel. And this has been extended to the end of the year now, at least, because here in Malaysia there are approx only 10 new cases/day and most of those are Malaysians coming home - only residents are allowed to fly in, with 14 days quarantine of course.

So it’s pretty much under control but it doesn’t help that’s it’s out of control in many other parts of the world! I don’t see a quick end to this.

Anyway what this means is that instead of taking International guests fly fishing I’ve been taking local guests fly fishing. Indeed right now - today - I have two guests and their children fly fishing and camping with me.

If you’re in Malaysia, I do have a more friendly Malaysian price until the end of the year. Feel free to email me to discuss options.

Right Saturday night and I have to be up at dawn. Have a nice Monday!

Cheers, Paul