Paul Arden | Tuesday, 25 April 2017

I'm covering for Gary today, from Thailand as it happens. Ashly and I have popped up here for three days to sort out my VISA (always a hassle), do a lot of Sexyloops work (the stuff that I haven't been doing because I've been fishing of course) and eat a Green Curry.

Recently I've found myself motivated in ways that I didn't expect and it would appear that I've accidentally committed myself to a great deal of work. And while this is currently true, I have a cunning plan to ultimately delegate almost the entire workload to someone unsuspecting - Ashly for example.

In the meantime I've left the Condom Titanic in the very capable hands of Flavio, who tells me he's driven a boat before as a kid (but not too much since). We've left him with three cans of petrol, two pack of cigarettes and half a crate of beer. If he doesn't get eaten by a Tiger I'm sure he'll have some interesting stories to tell when we return.

Yesterday, you'll know, we launched the HTOC International Competition where one very lucky guy or girl can win a Hot Torpedo Rod Special Edition (it's getting better by the minute) and I already have an entry, which I'll post in the Hot Torpedo Owners Club shortly - I had to get rid of the apostrophe in Owners' because the Internet apparently didn't go to school.

You can expect several things very shortly;

1. An email from me if you're a Hot Torpedo Owner. Now if you've purchased a HT rod through a shop or via an Instructor then please do get in touch paul@sexyloops.com since there is some missing serial number data and it's not only my fault.

2. Sexyloops Fish-Camo Stealth-Master Shirts. Limited Edition.

3. The Sexyloops APP edition 2.

4 - There is no 4.

5. The Sexyloops Fly Fishing Academy.

6. You won't believe this... SNAPCAST!

That's it from me. Have a great week (again) and there's Good Stuff on the Board. Check it out and get involved!