Michal Duzynski | Sunday, 10 January 2016

It’s only first week of 2016, but in my life things are happening quite quick. Firstly I am changing my sponsorship here in Australia for the third time-as they say third time lucky. My job history here is interesting and might be a subject for a FP. Anyway as I mentioned in my previous front page I have a project and seriously considering buying a boat. I am looking at aluminium power boat/tinnie with min 20hp on the back.

Now, I was a good boy and did not spend money on crap and here you go $650 bucks saved in 3 weeks and on Wednesday I had a Tow Bar being installed. Then couple days ago I met my mate and he showed and taught me how to reverse a trailer and what are the key points . Normally a 1 day course with a trailer is couple hundred dollars, so there you go moving fast forward. 

On the Aussie saltwater forum I asked a lot of questions about boat selection and the boys gave me a lot of fantastic info in order to narrow my research (so many types and models, can’t decide).

Back to the Sexyloops Board, great discussion about competition casting, I feel jealous a bit as I would love to be back to this kind of casting, practicing my distance, getting ready for coming casting competition, meeting with people. I feel I am getting rusty, well it is what it is, I hope you guys will do great in WC 2016.    Here in Australia nobody cares about competition fly casting, and slowly I stop caring too.

First week of 2016 looks really promising and if the rest of the year will follow this way I will be sweet.

ALL THE BEST IN THE 2016 to ALL of you.