Busy-busy-busy, priorities and preparations

Busy-busy-busy, priorities and preparations

Viking Lars | Saturday, 24 February 2024

It’s late February already, we’ve had some really nice days with low winds, 7-8 degrees C and a very spring-like feel to them. And things are heating fast, literally as well and figuratively speaking. As usual I’m late for the best winter fishing in the salt. My “home waters”, still a good hour’s drive away, have been delivering big, overwintering sea trout almost daily these last few weeks. And soon salmon season opens in Denmark. With that, also brown trout and grayling fishing. And pike fishing. And soon the rag worms are hatching in the salt, sometimes providing frenzy fishing for a week or so.

And as usual, I’m also nearly getting stressed prioritising, because I want it all. But for the next month or so, it’ll be the salt and I’ll try and get in a few trips to a few small streams I know that have good brown trout populations. They offer *very* little dry fly fishing until the big may flies hatch in June, so it’s heavy nymphing and deep streamers. I’m working on a new custom line, particularly made for fishing deep in small streams. The parts are here, but I’ve yet to make it and of course test it. Once I have I’ll write about and be prepared for world domination, putting both SA and RIO out of business. Unless of I just sell the concept and retire on the income. I also have access to a new, private section of a river that I know fairly well. But I know from a colleague who was there last year that there are big grayling.

Just writing about this I’m almost out of breath.

On April 16th the salmon rivers open, but I most likely won’t be there for the first few weeks. There are *so* many fishermen and -women. Maybe a short visit on opening day to wet a line and say hello to some of the friends.

Shortly after that River Dee in Scotland beckons and after that, this and that and many more opportunities. There’s a particular place I’ve fished many times, but never in early spring, which has totally different opportunities than later in the season, but they remain unexplored, so it’ll most likely take time to understand the factors of success - if there is any success. Time will tell.

I enjoy preparing for all this by nursing the tackle a little beforehand. It’s all in good condition, since I do the same when the different seasons ends. But just to make sure the right lines are on the right reels, checking the knots, putting on fresh leaders, selecting the flies. I have so many that there’s no way I can carry them all and some are season specific, so they make no sense to carry now. That’s another way of looking forward during the winter - tying flies. Baby that’s why I have so many?

I know that at least one of the double handers needs to have the cork cleaned, so that’ll be done soon. Today, in a few hours, I’ll be attending the presentation of a new book on the history of salmon fishing on Denmark’s premiere salmon river, Skjern Å. It’s only in Danish for now, but might be out in English as well - later. If you want a quick look anyway, check it out.

Time to run around in circles for a few hours now! Roger - over.

Have a great weekend!


PoD: A large, heavy nymph.