Built wrongly

Built wrongly

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 21 January 2022

You probably had heard that fire has been improperly extinguished. It means that wrong person has been doing it, or it has extinguished not by the book. Either way, result has been good enough and fire is not burning anymore. Now it looks like that there is same kind of atmosphere around dam and bypass flows.

Kemijoki Oy, river company, announced today that they had left application to build bypass flow in first dam, which they own in Kemijoki. You might remember that I wrote about this about month ago when visiting them. Now they have finished all the paper work and application is in. I see hope in this and still there seems to be lot of people who thinks that it is wrongly built.

Yes, they had just left application in. Now it is up to authoritative how they reponse. River company said that 90% rule, should be rethink. It means that 90% from fish which rise from previous dam should rise from next. That rule is still in my opinion idiotic one. There are side rivers and fishery which will take share, even if fishing is forbidden there will be loss, which is from nature.

Yes, I know that bypass flows should be built 30 years ago. Still I can’t stop wondering why those people are not blaming their parents about this or grandparents. Society have had needs after war when Finland has been rebuilt, electricity has been needed. Dams has been option 60 years ago, now we have other ones. World has changed, past is past. We can’t change it, still we can fix mistakes which are made earlier.

Now when river company is starting to fix those mistakes, it is not good either. I see some hope for river and I want to see that those bypass are really built. Company said that when they get permission and there are no complains, first bypass flow would be ready in two years. It would mean that 2025 it is ready for sure. I don’t have great faith that application will be handled fast etc.

Same time when everyone are blaming dams about problems in rivers, we all are forgetting something which have also great influence on waters. Same reason different problem. Forest industry, after war there were big forest harvest in northern Finland. Soil cultivation, after harvesting ground was turned around. Ditches were digged in swamps to dry them and get forest grow. Minerals and mud are still running to main rivers and making water quality bad, or at least not good enough for salmonide fishes. There are some projects going where they fix those mistakes.

Everyone yells that who has done damage has to pay. Dam owners has to fix bypass flows, fair enough. What about forest? Big areas belongs to Finland itself, so government has to pay. Oh shit, that would mean us, people. So let’s shut up and blame just dam that there are no fishes.

I finally see some hope for Kemi river. It is late but that’s better than not at all. I want to see how this ends up before starting to blame company that it is wrongly built. If river company fuck up this I will be loud. When waiting how this will end up, I will just dig myself deeper in the company. They want to meet me again.

You know, the dog which is barking is harmless, the one which is silent is the dangerous one.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika the Legend