Brilliant Fly Fishing Week In Germany

Brilliant Fly Fishing Week In Germany

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Lots of teaching fly casting and then fly fishing all over in between the lessons. Perfect week for me!

Last week I was teaching fly casting a lot. I love to teach! It's great to help my students improving their fly casting skills or getting started in fly fishing and then have them share all the fine pictures of their fish they're going to catch after the lesson. I get a lot of these pictures and it's really fantastic to see the lessons working out well. Last week one of the students entering my lesson was 79 years old. It was great to see his huge will to still improve his fly casting after 50 years of fly fishing. And boy did he improve! Always great seeing it still being possible to learn fast even in our older days. Working in fly fishing every day was and will always be the best that I can do in order to have a great live and be happy. That's for sure!

Before and after the lessons as well as the days in between I was fishing for carp, asp, zander and pike. I had a great fishing week catching several fish from small to quite big though. Especially in fly fishing for carp I succeeded to land a few truly big fish last week. I love to walk long ways (10 Km easily) to find this one big one and then try to get him eating my fly. Not easy when it comes to these 30 to 40 years old ones though! They are pretty smart and often refuse even after a perfect presentation of my fly. I am pretty sure some of them may already have seen me when I was a young boy.

Since Paul was working a lot to keep Sexyloops a great brand offering lots of pretty excellent stuff for us fly fishermen I could increase my leading position in the number of fishing days per year between Paul and me. I will not make it easy for him to come anywhere close this year! You better keep fishing, mate! ;)

Ok, guess what? Am going fishing right now! Gotta run fast!

I really hope you can make some time for fly fishing this week as well!? You better! ;)

Great week to all of you!

All my best


Some pictures of our last days as every week...

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