Brilliant Fly Fishing Week

Brilliant Fly Fishing Week

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Our past week was as simple as that, just brilliant. We caught many fine fish and had a hell of a great time in German Pike-land.

I was very busy these days. Lots of pictures were to be made of my guests presenting some fine pike. Seriously I did walk (run) a fair number of extra kilometers during the past week in order to put some of our catches on a quick picture. Several pike of over 1 meter in between. The water temperature right now is around 9 ┬░Celsius and the pike are in a perfect (strong) mood. The longest run (of a strong fighting pike) was about 80 meteres in one.

Simply our last week was brilliant! We had a hell of a fine time enjoying fly fishing for pike in Germany.

Right now we are about to start the day with a fine breakfast and then... start fishing again. Can't wait!!!

By the way we had a discussion about what "tracking" is in fly casting!?

In my own teaching I have banned the term tracking long time ago. In the old time I defined tracking as the rod's tip path seen from the bird's view (straight above). That was how many fly casting instructors defined it back then.

The problem with this definition was (and is), that the tip path never is straight. And due to that you can't tell by watching tip path from above, if the rod was kept in one plane and one plane only during acceleration and deceleration (or if you like during the cast). But it's exactly that what a proper caster will be after!

So I started using a key essential: "keep the rod in one plane". This worked much better for my teaching.

How about you? Do you still have use for the term "tracking" (and if so how do you use it)? Please let us know HERE.

Thanks a lot and a great week to all of you! 

All my best


Some pictures of our last fly fishing days...

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trips for pike