Paul Arden | Tuesday, 2 May 2023

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night because there was a damn trumpet-playing party all night long. Skinny dipping at 3am. Vandalising trees. Bloody elephants.

I was coaching one of my flycasting “athletes” early this morning. Actually Tim is an athlete and so the quotation marks are unnecessary! We had one of those epiphanies/breakthrough moments. It was an exciting one too, because it’s the difference between a 100’ and a 110-115’ distance cast – which will ultimately feed back into all of his casting, from taking shots and wind casting, it will even improve his overall accuracy, as well as pave the way into a more effective full-blown 170. It’s a power application thing in Open Stance Distance. Basically it’s how to launch.

We have been working together for about six months now. And it’s not like I haven’t tried to teach it before! It’s something I’ve been working on in different ways for quite some time and today the door suddenly opened and Tim walked straight though. He immediately knew he had walked though a new door! It wasn’t the light bulbs or the angels singing; the loop suddenly tightened, sped up considerably and flew further.

As a coach it’s very interesting because you don’t know exactly when such a door is going to appear. Of course it’s not like we have been trying to open only this particular door. We have opened dozens of doors together. For this particular door it always seems that a lot of avenues have to be explored first, but it never ceases to amaze me how things click and the difference it often immediately makes. I suspect it comes down to having the right sort of robustness, in a particular stroke, in order to make the changes we want.

So it’s been a great day already and I’m very happy for him. Now I’m going fishing :))) Later I have an evening coaching session.

If there is a point to this, it is that if you want to learn to be a better flycaster, then single one-off coaching sessions are not going to cut it. You really need a course of coaching/training for 6 months or longer.

I’ve recently increased my capacity to 20 such courses running at any one time and I now have two remaining slots available. After this, it is well and truly capped, and you’ll have to join a waiting list! Many of my students also rebook, so it might end up being like one of those exclusive fly fishing syndicates, where you have to wait for a member to get struck by lightning, eaten by a tiger, or else take up golf.

So 20 is my self-imposed maximum coaching capacity! I have considered going full time, which for me would mean 40 “athletes”, but that would involve working too hard and prevent me from fly fishing guiding which I really enjoy.

The cost is 700USD for 12x1 hr coaching sessions. It all happens via Zoom video conferencing. You will need a stand for your phone, a bluetooth headset/ear phones with microphone (eg AirPods), some hula hoops for dancing, a measuring tape and mobile internet connection. Sessions are recorded and you can download a copy afterwards.

Incidentally, if you buy a new Sexyloops flyrod (best rod in the world) you get a free one-hour Zoom Cast session, where we can discuss/analyse anything you want!! Email me on or WhatsApp me on +60198549552 for any of the above.

Back on the Battleship now because it’s raining. There are snakehead babies around. Not in the numbers I would like, but enough to keep it interesting. I also saw a few free-risers this morning as well. Today’s POD was a nice snakehead I caught yesterday.

In case you missed it, I’m including the going from 50 to 70’ “distance” casting video, that I made with Nick, and we released on Saturday.  I need to get these videos, as well as the recent interviews, into the flycasting video manual. You can find them all on – remember to subscribe or you might miss some good stuff!

Have a great day :)))

Cheers, Paul