BFCC 2022

BFCC 2022

Tracy&James | Sunday, 30 January 2022

It’s that time of year that I start planning the BFCC casting days around the UK; contacting venues for suitable dates and comparing with the availability of the instructors. Over the last few years, we’ve had limited days arranged, but we’re hoping that this year we can get back to providing the normal range of meetings and maybe even arrange another one in Jersey, Channel Islands. I normally also deconflict with fishing shows and events, although the previous couple of years, this sadly hasn’t been a problem. This year, however, I’m also hoping that we’ll have fishing and casting events to support not just in the UK, but also abroad.

The events the BFCC organise gain such positive feedback from attendees, though we are still relatively unknown in the UK fishing community. Last year, we had great feedback championing how good our instructors are and how reasonable our rates are for a whole day’s casting instruction.

In Derby, we had a married couple who wanted to improve their casting for when they went fly fishing together in their retirement. They had such a great time at that Meeting that they came to the next Meeting in Cheshire too. They commented that for the price of annual BFCC membership, it was well worth the trips to gain such impressive instruction.

In Essex, we had a new angler who came along just to see what went on at a meeting and initially just wanted to watch. Once he got into discussion with our instructors, he realised it would be a waste if he didn’t take up some instruction. He then wrote a thread on a fishing forum about the day and here are some of his comments:

‘… what a fantastic welcoming bunch of people by the way you feel straight at home... Brilliant.’

I had about 6 hours of one to one casting instruction with Mark Surtees who is superb, It was priceless and its such a fantastic resource yet no one seems to be using it, except the die hard members of the BFCC. If you see it listed next year just go, take advantage,and reap the rewards!

He also watched the competition casters during the event and commented that ‘ seeing [James] and [TC] casting is something to behold, honestly worth the trip for that alone

Quotes from other 2021 meetings are ‘Hi Tracy. Thank you so much for a fabulous day also thanks to all fellow casters that made my day memorable, especially Mike my mentor, great Guy, thanks again’. He was referring to one of our top instructors, bushy eyebrows himself – Mike H. Also ‘thank you, I was very pleased with my double handed lesson from Sekhar.

It’s such feedback that make running these events worthwhile and hearing the stories about how their fishing has improved is wonderful to know more about.

I’ll be providing the dates for the BFCC activities in future FPs, so hope to see you at one of them.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, enjoy and tight-lines,