Beach Casting

Beach Casting

Tracy&James | Sunday, 17 January 2021

Following on from James’ FP on shooting heads, I feel I should mention how my casting has developed significantly from using them. Over the last few years, he has made me several, the first being quite short and mainly aimed at improving the speed and efficiency of my double hauling technique. The next few have been longer and longer, with the aim of improving my carry so that I can cast the MED fly line more effectively. By using these shooting heads, I have extended my PBs several times in both the 5# and 7# events and I’m particularly pleased with casting over 40yds with the #5.

James’ technique of using a ‘tag’ positioned at the ‘carry point’ also helps when he gives me a particularly long shooting head that I have to start casting with the line in the rings and shoot some line before practicing false casting many times. The tag of tape means that I have something to grasp and generally can then cast at my carry point, though it did take a bit of practice to keep my grip more closed than when I am casting normally. Otherwise I’d end up over shooting, miss my carry point and the cast would typically collapse.

At the moment, the area we live in has been very wet and much of the ground that would be suitable for distance casting is sodden, so we have started casting occasionally on the local beach, at low tide obviously. Last time even though we were easily able to socially distance from everyone else, I was surprised just how many people were taking advantage of the extra walking space and even spotted a few people sea fishing. It’s been a long, long time since James and I went sea fishing, so might be time to get out the old sea rods.

As we are all still under lockdown, James and I are currently not able to go river fishing. However, I just received my CADAC membership that James bought for me for Xmas. As I hardly fished last year due to the restrictions, I am so looking forward to fishing the river Dee this year, whenever we are able to. For the moment I intend to review all the beats, watch the DVD, check out the website and work out the ones I/we will go to first. James also promised to tie me some flies for my last birthday, so I’ll remind him of that ;-). Though I will request river flies as well as UK saltwater flies as hopefully we’ll start sea fishing as well.

Whatever you are doing this week, enjoy, take care and be safe