Bad day of fishing....

Bad day of fishing....

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 9 June 2023

is better than a good day at work. That is saying we all know. This morning I realized that is one of the stupidest sayings I know. The thing is that I don't know what a bad fishing day is. I have never had one. I have had plenty of difficult ones but never ever bad ones.

Sunday we went fishing with Satu for the first time this season in river Kuusinki. We stopped on the way in a small cafeteria (and camping) to buy fishing licenses. (season license) On that moment when sitting down in the cafeteria and buying licenses, talking about fishery and fishing with the owner. I could feel my mind brightening and I had no stress at all. Satu had to say that let's go fishing now.

So we drove the parking lot and set up our gears. It was cold and some small rain now and then. I was determined to fish only from the surface with dries and spiders. I knew that it wouldn't be easy in those conditions. In the first spot which I knew would have graylings I got nothing, not even rise. I changed to another spot which I knew was also good, especially with that high water. I saw now and then rises but small fish. I continued fishing and changed flies to find a better set up. After chances I found flies which were okay for fish. In total I got around ten graylings and one trout. It was time for a picnic lunch and one more spot. Satu was fishing more upstream by herself and got one or two graylings. So it was not great or awesome fishing, it was hard working but I have also had more difficult days.

Tuesday was our wedding anniversary day. So we had a romantic day and dinner..... Hell NO.


Actually we had romantic day and picnic... during our fishing :D :D :D We took afternoon off and went really down part of Kuusinki river. The river where we met 15 yrs ago and now we spent our 9th wedding anniversary. Fishing was challenging and great. There was huge hatching and lot of rising fish. Difficulty was that you couldn't see what is hatching.

Everything what was coming from upstream and floating was wrong ones. And nothing could get out of water alive. So we went smaller and smaller until we started to get some good hits. Graylings rised basically to any fly just to reject them in last second. I loved fishing, it was not just about fly but presentation had to be exactly right. Fly was not really dragging but you could see that line is holding and "dragging" fly that it can't go as it should. So casting and presentation had to nail it. One of the best fishing sessions I have had. It is not about quantity, it is all about quality.

DuringĀ  the fishing we had coffee with some bread, dessert was carrot cake and sparkling wine.

Tomorrow Satu will go to build new Shaman drum for her and I go fishing. Life is hard until you go fishing.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika the Legend