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Back to work

Tracy&James | Thursday, 11 January 2018

Tracy and I have not been up to much fishing related in the last week, getting settled back into the humdrum of work after the break has got in the way, plus the weather has not been great for wanting to get out and do some casting practice.

The fly tying for our saltwater trip is progressing slowly – I occasionally do an internet search for bonefish flies looking for inspiration, however this weekend I suspect will be a Clouser fest – we’ve still got quite a few left from our last trip, so this should just be a matter of topping the fly boxes up.

Tracy needs to get to work putting the BFCC calendar together, there’s quite a lot to do liaising with the various clubs for available dates etc.  The first event of the year, in Cullompton, Devon, will coincide with our Bahamas trip so she needs to get this one sorted sooner rather than later.

Our trip arrangements are pretty much done, we just need to sort out a hire car for our time there.  We have a very specific requirement for the car – it must be sufficiently ‘beat-up’ for them not to notice the extra scratches etc. that we add from driving down some of the less well known paths or by tying a kayak on to the roof.  Being four wheel drive also helps, but that didn’t stop me from burying it to the axle in the sand last year.

On a final note we’d like to congratulate Ashly and Paul on their wedding on Monday, we hope you had a fantastic day and wish you all the best for the future.

Cheers, James and Tracy.