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Viking Lars | Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Danish FlyFestival 2017 is over. It's always a fantastic event, but I think this year's is one of the best I've experienced, and I've been to them all, except the first in 1995. It's really is a nice event with such a good atmosphere all round and there are so many good friends that you only get to see at that event.

I got to say hi to Charles Jardine again. Charles is a wonderful man (look up "Gentleman" in Oxford's Dictionary of Current English, and there will be a reference to "Jardine, Charles", I think). Charles had provided the FFF Denmark with the art for this year's poster, which was, as you've seen, a beautiful water colour of a grayling. I now have an art print of the same painting on my desk, awaiting framing, and then the discussion with my significant other where to hang it. Thankfully, she likes it too as it is a beautiful and colourful piece. Charles was good enough to personalise it with a line drawing of a grayling and some words that I am too modest to write down here :-).

Ralf Vosseler was there, and I had the pleasure of handling one of his Tryst reels - that really is a wonderful reel, beautiful design, nice break and something a little new, I think. I like the one with the carbon back plate, and I do feel and order coming along soon.

T.Z. and the lovely Konstanse were there. We did get to chat a little (always strange to chat to T.Z. and Konstanse as T.Z.'s Norwegian is quite good, and very close to Danish, Kostanse's Norwegian is quite goo d too, obviously, and we sometimes struggle a little whether to speak English ot not). Thomas tying his scruffy emerger-style flies and Konstanse tying her fantastic Rhyac-imitations.

We missed Simon Gawesworth this year, but I hope he'll be back in 2019.

I had time to hang out with Rene Gerken from Loop, a great friend and we did a couple of demos together (which we'll work more on). So many friends and so little time only to say "hi" and bump beer glasses.

I got to try so many rods, saw so many reels, watched so many good flytyers and casters that my head was almost spinning on my way home. I always struggle to get my head around the fact that Monday morning, I'll be back in "my other sphere", archaeology, and quite often I end up dreaming weird dreams where the person galleries from each sphere blend together in the strangest ways.

I already look forward to 2019. In some strange way, so do all the organisers and volunteers, I'm sure, even though it's a massive task to plan and execute this festival.

Spring's here, in case you haven't noticed :-). I'll be doing some pike fishing (exploring a new venue) and some sea trout fishing before salmon- and sea trout season opens, and I do think I'll see if I can squeeze in a few trout/grayling expeditions as well. I've joined a new club with some water that used to be quite nice, so I look forward to revisiting some old haunts.

Have a great weekend!


PS - Thomas, please forgive for stealing today's PoD from you. Nice picture of me and Ralf, thanks :-).