Back to the Jungle Life

Back to the Jungle Life

Paul Arden | Monday, 18 April 2016

There are some really good conversations on the Board at the moment, in the Flycasting Tech section - who knows maybe a consensus is in the wings? Wouldn't that be something! I've just had a week in the city of KL. I won't be doing this again! While it was fun meeting up with friends, I'd rather fish with them. Tonight Ashly and I drive back up to Belum, where my outboard is fixed and waiting for me. As I posted on Facebook, the first things I'll be doing is swimming in the lake, catching a couple of fish and having a kick-arse campfire. I can't wait to get back to the real life!

I've been watching the weather reports up there and the completely dry season is now over. The week prior to leaving I started to find pods of free-rising Snakehead, and also great news is that there are a few Gourami eating weed off the stumps. This is the fishing I like, dropping water levels, free-rising snakehead and violent storms every third day. Hopefully my boat is still floating!

I intend to start making use of the drone and will post up some more jungle video moments soon. I'm terrified I drown the damn thing, or fly into a stump but the only way to learn is by doing. The great news is that I have my HT6 and HT8 back, sections replaced and fittings refurbished. This is really great news, because the HT8 I've been using has a solid repair between the top two sections (which has held up surprisingly well) and I have uses for the HT6. Hopefully the repaired HT8 will last a little while longer, because this will enable me to have both floating line and sinking lines set up all the time.

I should have the next HT10 prototype blank soon. I'm looking forward to getting stuck into developing this one. The 10WT is a real go-to rod for me. It was my preferred Snakehead rod, and it's my Tropical Saltwater rod. Shortly I'll start to populate the shop with recommended gear from other manufacturers that fits with Sexyloops gear.

This summer I have flycasting courses lined up in Jersey, Channel Islands, Hamburg and Switzerland. I plan to be in Europe from early June through to the end of October. I'm keen to make some more courses happen, so please get in touch if you think we can do something. Maybe a grape-harvest meet in Hungary would be a good one too. This is the year of Sexyloops Mermaid Wine!