Back to the Jungle and New Stuff on the Board

Back to the Jungle and New Stuff on the Board

Paul Arden | Monday, 11 January 2016

I've done my Christmas and New Year stint at the Rainforest bar. It was great to socialise and meet very many people, discuss fly fishing as well as numerous other topics, party a little and play a hell of a lot of pool. Working a small bar in the Rainforest is great fun. However the late nights - and there have been many of those! - have seriously curtailed my fishing, and this can't last for very long! The lake level is some 6-8 metres higher than a few months ago and this is going to be a game changer, however the good news is that the wet season is now over, which means now it might not rain at all now for the next three months. I've spectacularly managed to break all my original rods on this trip - all apart from the HT Instructor 6. This week I head deep into the jungle again.

Something I've realised over the past few weeks is that there is an opportunity here to set up a fly fishing teaching business in North Malaysia. Guiding doesn't really interest me unless it's teaching but there certainly is a demand for both, even locally. Next summer the most likely thing I do is to teach the reservoirs in the UK - this is going to be a very busy summer of teaching and fishing! It's time to get busy again!


Now we have something new for the Board. on a regular basis I'm going to invite well-known fly fishers in for discussions; "A week with..." which I think will be very interesting. I'm going to start off with a good friend who has already been on the Board from time to time, Jason Borger. I asked Jason for a personal bio...

Since his teens, Jason Borger has been teaching, shooting videos, and writing about fly fishing. Jason’s background has also lead to his involvement as a fly-fishing consultant and double for commercials and movies. You can check out his blog at Appropriately scruffy pic attached, as well.

Jason as most of you will probably know, was Brad Pitt's bum double in A River Runs Through It. I've fished with Jason a few times and he's an ace fisherman. So starting NEXT week, A Week with Jason Borger. In the meantime I'm going to live like Tarzan again!

Cheers, Paul