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Paul Arden | Tuesday, 24 August 2021

It’s been a crazy 18 months and who knows what will happen next? But at least we can fish again where I live and while Malaysia is in a crisis, the general feeling I come across is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Even the local tackle shop opened last weekend, which is the first time since June 1st. I had to show my electronic vaccine certificate to get in, which I suspect will become the way of things. However I now have all the correct-sized mono for accuracy leaders.

Talking of leaders, Chess/Keith on the Board, sent me a package of experimental furled leaders to cast and explore. This will be very interesting to do and will no doubt keep me entertained during the hot afternoon spells or the somewhat cooler late evenings. Keith plans to develop his technique into full fly lines which is quite an operation!

My plan for this week was to create and upload an Intermediate/Advanced Double Hauling video and then start to alternate SL Video content between Casting and Jungle Fishing, week by week. However we ended up with so much content last week that I’ve put together another SLTV episode to clear my laptop! I’m going to have to figure out a way to make these on the Battleship on the go because it took 19.5hrs to edit, which is too much for me to do on a weekly basis.

Within there is mine and Ashly’s Virtual Fly Casting Challenge 5WT entries. My longest cast was 123’6”… OK I know, I know – but it’s actually pretty good for here and would be a 130 anywhere else! Ashly was 55’2”. Ashly plans to work on her distance casting this week and hopefully get another entry in before the close. Lengthening her cast would be excellent for her Snakehead Shots. However despite this, she managed two Giant Snakehead off babies in two consecutive days! Unfortunately she thinks they will bite her, making it difficult to get good photos. I’m teaching her to overcome this fear!

I also picked up my first Gourami in over 10 months. Because of lockdowns – and particular the time of year when they have occurred – I’ve only had a handful of shots at them. It’s quite a small Gourami for this lake but nice to see one in the boat after so long.

It’s great to be fishing again. Now all we need is a few guests to give us company and put the beans back on the table.

Have a fantastic week! Check out and post on the Board to keep us talking :))

Cheers, Paul