Back in the Mountains

Back in the Mountains

Scott Loudon | Thursday, 16 June 2016

Not a fishing trip but I managed to tack on a few days in the Austrian Alps on the back of a work trip last week. It was great to get back out in the mountains with the camera and chase some real wildlife rather than the deer in London's Richmond Park!

I do however feel I'm coming very close to the end of my FP tenure as I'm just not fishing enough to continually bring new content - look how much Bernd fishes for goodness sake! July is going to be a write off workwise but then August will bring a Slovenia trip and December of course an NZ trip but the day to day fishing is just non existant. I'll have a word with Paul and make up a plan of action and see where I go from here. Maybe it's time for a little break!

I'll leave the rest of the page as a photolog of my trip, hope you enjoy!