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Back in business

Back in business

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 19 May 2023

So Saturday came, it was myday. That is what Satu told me. Do what ever you want but do not be at home, I will be cleaning house. Those words any husband wants to hear from wife.

So in the morning I went to search gps tracker, which I knew was dropped from reindeer's ear. It dropped few days earlier and I went to find it then, there was too much snow to locate it. After finding gps, I did some small things at farm....

And then wearing waders amd getting fishing gears in the car. Satu had made picnic lunch and coffee to take away. I had two spots on my mind. First one had little about one mile walk and other less than quarter mile. First spot would be great for fishing and lot of nice holes and spots to fish.

I stopped to car next to main road since smaller road was still covered with snow. Originally I was thinking to take snowmobile or quadron with me to have easy access to river. Instead I decided to go without those and try walking. After eighth mile I realize that there is way too much snow to reach river reasonable way. So I returned to car moved to next parking spot.

There I knew that it will short hike to the river, and even it would have snow it will short time to get there. My luck was that I could find snowless path and it was easy walk. In 5 minute I was at the river. I saw that water level was extremely low.

I ended last autumn my fishing season there and now opening new one. In autumn fishing was quite good but I didn't have high hopes now. Water looked totally dead even weather was nice not bad wind etc.

I started to fish and went through some nice looking spots, nothing, there was no rises, nothing which would give sign of hope. I had my picnic and decided to go little bit upstream to fish spot that I didn't fish in autumn. It was more calm water and I should find graylings there. 

I was just changing fly when I heard and saw side eye that there was a rise. Finally some life... I start to fish, nothing. Change a fly, again rise, fishing, rise, change a fly.... no reaction. I tried different types,size colours.. nothing. Fine... I will turn this casting training then.

Sun was shining, I could see some big rocks thru water. I had dry fly. Target left side of the rock, hit, right side, miss, again right side, hit. Turn 90 degrees to other rock, then side of the stream, turn cast 120 degree. Loop control with short line, and getting line longer. Some snakehead casts. Just having good time on the river, I didn't mind about not catching a fish.

I had blast with casting. I realized that trainings during the winter had done some work. That shouldn't be surprising. I just enjoyed so much to be back in the business after 8 months. I spent long afternoon at the river. Back home, sauna, few drinks (well more than few), Sauna, time with Satu.... that was second best birthday. 

For some reason Sunday was really slow one, someone could say hang over.

Beginning of week I have been rebuilding bridge over creek which starts from our lake. Friday and Saturday we are taking part for outdoor and wilderness fair. Summer is just two steps from here, lakes are open, most of the snow is gone.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika from Finland