Back Among The Living

Back Among The Living

Andy Dear | Thursday, 14 January 2021

After a long two week battle with the monster called Covid-19, I am FINALLY back among the living.

  This morning I unlocked my office, started up the computer, and began the task of the "dig out" from underneath two weeks worth of phone messages, emails, and backorders. As much as I wasn't looking forward to this, the upshot is that the vast majority of correspondence were folks just wanting to with me a full and speedy recovery. After having spent close to 14 days in a fever-induced zombie-like state, I have to say it did restore my faith in humanity a little bit to receive so many nice messages.

  Perhaps the nicest though was from my new buddy Eddie Douglas, whom I wrote about a few weeks ago. I had ordered a couple of Eddie's hand-painted wake baits several weeks back, and through a series of mixups solely at the fault of the U.S. Postal Service, what should have been a one-day delivery turned into a 10-day delivery. The lures eventually arrived safe and sound, and to my surprise, along with the baits was a copy of Eddie's new book titled "A hand on your shoulder". What a generous gift, and a nice surprise....and ultimately a fantastic way to pass the time of self-quarantine.

  Eddie's book is full of hunting and fishing tales, but what makes it special is its common sense view on life, and how he views it should be lived. I have since had a second phone conversation with Eddie, and it has become readily apparent we are cut from a similar if not identical cloth in more ways than one. Once I am fully recovered, and this damned cold weather relents a bit, Jack and I have committed to making the three hour drive over to Bay City to shake this man's hand and hear some more of his angling tales. I have no doubt that there are enough old school Texas fishing stories to last well in to the night.

  In the meantime, I really hope you are all staying safe and healthy. Having experienced this battle first hand, I can was rough. But, I am thankful to still be here to cast another loop or two, and look forward to spending 2021 with all of you here on Sexyloops.

Best Regards,