At the end of the rainbow...

At the end of the rainbow...

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 28 May 2017

Yeah, finally the pike and perch fishing has started. Last week, I had a short while at the lake of Zurich because my husband had to give some fishing course. In that rainy morning i got my first perch of that season and a week later finally the first pike opened that season as well.

The perch are still horrible deep, so after casting the sink 6 line, i had to wait nearly 5 minutes until i could start stripping but it was still quite a lot of fun with a few quite nice perch. 


We had already some hours fishing that small lake close to our home, without any sucess. I've tried a different streamers, lines and also a new rod until i had this little crocodile on the line. He was a good fighter for his size but he was really calm when i put him back to the water - he stayed even a wile on my hand. Thanks to my husband for the nice pics!