asshole teacher and other bedtime stories (part 1)

asshole teacher and other bedtime stories (part 1)

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 17 June 2022

This all got started in Malaysia during our trip in May. I didn't realize this on that time, this all become more clear back in home and when starting season here. If you think that this is about Paul, you will be disappointed. This is any of us.

First I have to say, I probably got small orgasm when landing snakehead. And I got new ones when teaching casting back home. Little things make a difference. My approach for fishing, casting and teaching has changed, is it good... well time will show. In this short period it is looking good.

I have had great start for season, I had groups and even fishing has been difficult, guiding has been great. But let's go to subject.

Just two days ago I had small group, one more experience, one semi and one total beginner in the group. I told them from start that I will concentrate beginner (woman), and it was okay to all. I think husband was even happy that someone was doing his woman .

We started about rollcasting, that is something I always start if we go straight for fishing. She got basics learned from other guide and youtube. Or that was expression which I got. Her biggest issue was that she was not feeling comfortable in the water and in the beginning we had to handle that. How to wade, safety and so on. She started to be okay with water so we moved on.

In some point she mentioned that, in the other place they told to that casting is like throwing a potato. Funny, Paul just wrote about this day later than woman said this. I have to say, this is something what I don't understand, that expression. It is clear that they copy expression from somewhere and use it like it would be clear what it means. To be honest I had to ask Paul this (yes I know what it means, just double checking) in Finland we eat potatoes not throw them, you don't play with food. Instead you should say throwing cone, that would probably be something that everybody understand in here and they got idea. Cones are something that everyone has been playing and we used cone throwing as weapon in games as kid.

I often use "hit like a hammer", when explaining roll cast hand movement. Before I use that, I ask if they have used hammer. Otherwise it is waste of time, just like throwing potato. You just can't copy expressions and say like they are yours. Student has to have something he can relate in the begin. 

The other thing is that if guide/instructor start to talk about how previous one has been wrong or have teached wrongly..... run. I think that we all have little bit different approach and angle about casting and fishing. If someone is doing it differently, it doesn't mean he has been wrong. Like in mine potato case, I ignored that, it was not wrongly told, just different approach and that's it. Cone would be right.

And as a student you should also understand that, we might have different approach, it doesn't make other instructor or guide being wrong. It just means that we are better. lol

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika the Legend