Asp, Carp and Pike

Asp, Carp and Pike

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Since travelling for fly fishing in Germany still is under quarantine, I am enjoying to fish for all species of fish available in my hometown. Not much big fish usually, but still a lot to learn!

Yesterday I was catching several asp in the harbour. I offered 2 flies in a row. Nearly all asp only took the one in front, while coming from behind. It was sight fishing, so I could see exactly where the asp were coming from before they were passing the last fly and hammering into the front fly. I then changed position of those two flies, and the first asp hammered into the same fly (now hanging at the end of my leader) again. Clearly that fly did the job.

Both flies were in the same size. One was moving straight. That one wasn't attracting the asp. The other one was moving left, right, left, right - like wobblers do. It was a gammarus pattern coming on a significantly curved hook shank making for the strong action under fast retrieving speed.

Then it was interesting to see that the asp would only take the fly when I added strip stops followed by three short extra fast retrieves before stopping again. All other retrieving styles didn't work yesterday. Asp are often extremely picky about fly movement! Luckily those smaller ones yesterday came in a large school offering me the only chance to learn their behaviour.

When I can learn about fish behaviour I am happy to catch smaller fish as well. Besides that I prefer to chase the big ones mostly. But hey, in these days I am very happy to be able to be outdoors and do what I love the most!

Besides chasing asp I was fishing for pike and carp as well. Since both these species of fish are chased by many other local anglers, too - these fish have learnt their lessons well and are hard to be fooled. New strategy provoking situation as I love it!

Of course as probably all of us I can't wait to be able to travel again! Man, I miss to travel!!!

Today my friend Hansi and I will take my belly boats and have another pike session hoping for one (maybe one each, if we are lucky) nice pike. For sure we will enjoy being out on the water a lot. Size and numbers of fish aren't most important after all. It's spring time and there are a lot of new born animals coming by every day.

Hopefully you will get a chance to fly fish your area, too!?

Great week to all of you!

All my best


Some current pictures as always...

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