Arctic waters fishing trip

Arctic waters fishing trip

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 7 December 2018

I have been doing some tvshooting earlier with these guys, four episode to be exact. Now they have season 7 going and 8 will be coming. Arktiset vedet –Arctic waters is Finnish fishing and nature tvprogramm. Year ago Juhani, who is producer and friend asked me if I have any good locations in my mind. He told me that we (my wife and I) would join them. His timing was perfect, I just had request from guests about fishing trip and first thing in my mind was Paul. Or more like Stefan Siikavaara, because I knew that Paul and Ashly went fish with him from here 2016. And they had good time and fishing in Sweden. So via Paul and thru Stefan I was connected to Peter. So when you have friends you find right persons to help you when needed.

So we were able to get everything together and had shooting on August. Satu and I went few days earlier to have some our own fishing and get to know to area. (I will come to that on different FP, we both broke our grayling records) We were staying in Ammarnäs which is village, it is in end of Road or if you looked otherwise like locals do. It is where road begin.

During tvshooting we fished 2 days, one night in Laivacamp which is sami people owned area and water but Peter has priviledge to take people there and fish. Fishing is for brown trout but also there is chance for arctic char in some areas. Laiva –river is small mountain river and you need to be careful with your casts and presentation. And it was great fishing and will be in future also because it is mostly C&R. You can only take fish if you are stuck and running out of food. It will take about 20 minutes with helicopter to get Laivacamp. You will be sleeping in tent and really have outdoor escape feeling with nice fishing and good outdoor cooking.

One day we had on Sjöforsen which is special stretch and first rapid in Vindelälven after lake. In Sjöforsen there is special rules and limited rods available. And again fishing was stunning. It is possible that we didn’t landed so many fish but the ones we lost….. reason for another FP. Sorry, I really want you to watch show.

Last day we went Vindelå which is upper part of Vindelälven, up from lake.  We haven’t so much time to fish because of interviews and arctic swim. (in all episodes we are going to swim on waters we have fished, naked of course, in this case water temperature was about +8 celsius.)

I have no idea how the final show is looking like. I have only see teaser, which you can find from my instgram and facebook, MLguiding. But fishes what we had and ones which we (I) lost, episode will be great fun to watch. Especially if you are planning fishing trip for next summer, this could be your destination.

So how to see this. It is coming on Finnish tvchannel 6 BUT you can watch it from web. Just go ,  Arktiset vedet episode 7 (jakso 7) Ammarnäs. You shouldn’t do any login but if so just make account on free side. No need to have Dplay+ unless you want to see earlier episodes from this season. Programm is mostly in Finnish but let the film speak.

It is alive on 8th of December at 19.00 on Finnish time which is 17.00 in London.

Hopefully I was able to promote also HT rods on TV.

Photos as usually, these are from shooting.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the program

Mika the Legend

Ps. You can find earlier seasons from here arktiset vedet they have been fishing in Patagonia, Kharlovka, Alaska, Norway, Kuusamo etc

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