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Tracy&James | Thursday, 17 August 2017

We’ve just organised our next DIY fly fishing holiday in the Bahamas – 6 weeks this time – in Spring 2018. So that gives us plenty of time to tie all the various flies we will need, or rather James, as I review all the current boxes to determine which flies we are low on and leave the tying to him. However this time I may have a go myself, just so I can say that I’ve caught a bone on a fly I’ve tied. So that will only be 199 more for James to tie ;-)

As we will have a few target species – bonefish, shark, barracuda, jacks, snappers, garfish, ladyfish, grunts, possibly permit and tarpon – there’s quite a selection of flies to tie. Plus we need a range with weed-guards and some without, some weighted and some not. The thing about the Bahamas is that there is such a variety of places to fish: for skinny water with mostly sandy bottoms we would use non-weighted non-weed-guarded flies; for deeper water – weighted flies; and for rocky bottoms – weed-guarded flies. Though it can be difficult tying weed-guards as there is a delicate balance between improving the anti-fouling ability and affecting the hook-hold.

This time James will be reviewing the hooks first before using them to tie any flies – we don’t want a repeat of last year. I reckon I lost seven fish before he eventually conceded that there was something wrong with the hooks and it wasn’t something I was doing when playing the bonefish (funnily this recognition also coincided with the hook-failures happening to him too…)

I’m hoping to catch a big shark and this time get it in and have a photo with it – so I need plenty of the shark flies – preferably red or pink as these colours seem to work well. To make sure that the epoxy on the eyes doesn’t get too damaged, James has decided to attach the split rings to the hook eye before tying the fly.  Getting the split ring on afterwards requires some significant force and gripping too hard can fracture the brittle epoxy. 

I’d love to catch a garfish on one of James’ specially tied flies – these are designed to tangle in their teeth rather than rely on getting a hook-hold in their bony mouths.  Last time I didn’t get much of a chance with the few he tied as I was bitten off too quickly by a cuda that snuck in and swiped the fly before the garfish! 

Since we’ll be going for longer and so will need more flies and other essentials such fly tying tools, more insect-repellent and sunscreen, less essential items such as clothing will have to be pared down so we can meet the flight weight limits. We both need some new flats boots and wading socks since retiring these on our last trip – that’s our Xmas presents sorted.

Whether you’re tying flies, fishing, casting or travelling, have a great weekend.



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