Another Hobby

Another Hobby

Andy Dear | Monday, 25 October 2021

Last year I wrote a Front Page about a friend of mine named Jared Ducote. Jared and I's friendship began through my search for a custom fishing lure painter to test some epoxy clearcoats I was developing for fishing lures. It just so happened he was based here in San Antonio, and through our collaborative effort on this resin we have become good friends.

  Over the years I have watched Jared paint some of the most absolutely stunning custom fishing lures. Some of them are so photorealistic, they look fishier than the fish themselves. You can check out his work at I have been interested and intrigued about lure painting  for a long time, and have often contemplated learning to paint my own baits. I am by no means anywhere near the level of talent that Jared is...not even close. But, having the ability to paint my own baits certainly would add another dimension to my love of tackle craft.

  Earlier today I was watching some "how to" videos on youtube, and began to contemplate the "why" of wanting to learn how to paint my own lures. I came to the conclusion that besides being another way to be involved in the craft when I can't actually be out fishing, it is a more profoundly intimate way of interacting with whatever swims beneath. Rather than just presenting someone else's idea of what the fish might want, I'd be presenting MY idea of what the fish might want. Additionally, it offers the advantage of being able to experiment to an almost endless degree with colors, shapes, sizes, and actions.

I am especially excited about painting fly popper bodies. I have tons of polyurethane foam lying around that shapes like warm butter and takes paint extremely well, and should make some absolutely killer Bass and Redfish flies. As much as I love spun deer hair bugs, and the natural beauty associated with that material and it's associated process, being able to access a pallet of colors and textures not available in a natural material is going to make for some "interesting" experiments.

  My wife keeps telling me that the last thing I need is another fishing related hobby....she's probably right, but after almost twenty years of marriage, it doesnt make much sense to start listening to her now, does it?

Hope all of you are safe and healthy!