An excellent read!

An excellent read!

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 15 June 2021

I was reading Andy's page yesterday about his interview with Tom Dorsey, and went to read the article on Sexyloops but couldn't find it! Andy thinks we didn't run it all those years ago. So - something I haven't done in a while - I've just HTMLed it! It's always interesting for me to read different thoughts on rod design...

Here is Andy's original interview with Tom Dorsey (T&T):


I did write a rather long and exciting FP last night, but it doesn't really fit with today's page. Malaysia is in a hard lockdown, so not much to write about over here anyway to be honest. Over on the Board there is an excellent (and very long!) discussion: 


This is some ways the beginning of an extension of the above discussion (this stuff is certainly changing the way I cast and teach): 


Does anyone know of a supply of medical silk for Keith? 

Keith needs it so he canmake his own flylines!


Lots more interesting discussions on the Board. If you would like to get involved please drop me an email on 


Have a great week!!

Cheers, Paul