All Fishing Being Stopped In The UK

All Fishing Being Stopped In The UK

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 6 January 2021

WOW - I am glad to live in Germany though!

This morning I was reading a lot of comments by fly fishermen living in the UK about the Covid-based-lockdown now having fully entered (better stopped) our (UK) world of fly fishing.

What surprises me, is how many British fly fishermen (according to the many comments I was reading) not only agree this to be a proper step, but to call those of us who prefer to keep going fishing to be selfish.

The arguments were, that going by car the car can break down. The car needs petrol, which means one has to stop at the petrol station. One can have an accident while fishing and then ending up in a hospital and so on.

Well, I live in Germany and go fishing every day. First of all I go by foot not using any car. Oh, may I mention that my legs are pretty strong and most likely not going to break down?! Of course I theoretically can have an accident. The same holds true when I am sitting at home. I obviously may slip of my couch and break my bones! Seriously, yet I would have to see a first accident happening while fishing within now 40 years of fishing. While fishing I am on my own somewhere out in the nature. I get fresh air helping my mind and my immun system to be as strong as possible. Staying at home 24/7 would cause exactly the opposite for me!

The one big risk in terms of getting infected I find myself in, clearly is shopping food every week. Here I am at high risk in many ways. Hard to avoid getting in contact with people, products and so on.

In some destricts of Germany the goverment tried to stop fishing, too. But it was us taking the goverment to court and then having the goverment's decision being canceled by court few days after. Since then it remains and most probably will remain, that we are allowed to go fishing by foot and by car. In my point of view this was (and is) a proper decision.

I guess Covid will not move away and we better learn how to live with it. Only sitting at home and hoping for a vaccine to be brought to us, that everyone will accept and all Covid will be history then, is not was is going to happen, I think.

I am nowhere near to can tell anyone else what is right and what is wrong for them. But I am asking to leave on the table what is right. Going fishing somewhere in the nature while enjoying fresh air sure is!

What do you think about going fishing?

Great week to all of you!

All my best


Some serious catches during the last days.