A Week on The Board…

A Week on The Board…

Paul Arden | Monday, 25 January 2016

Last week we started something new on the Board: “A Week with…” Last week we had Jason Borger and this week Rick Hartman. If you’re not already a member you can join the Board by sending me an email, telling me that you are a real fly fisherman and that you don’t sell Nike Shoes, Viagra or Worms (FFS) along with your username and real name and I’ll create your account. Of course if you sell Nike Shoes and Viagra then you are still welcome to have an account but first you need to give all the Board members free samples to test. Worms we don’t need - our very first Board spammer tried to sell us worms some 17 years ago, so we have that corner covered.

I first met Rick many years ago in Idaho Falls. he is still to date the smoothest distance caster I have seen. A great guy; we've fished Colorado and Texas together. I'm looking forward to catching up with him on the Board. Be sure to come in and ask some questions!


Now, the other big news is that I’ve also started guiding! I haven’t guided in over 20 years - so it will be interesting to see how I get on with it now. I first became a qualified so that I could be sure that I was teaching the right stuff when I taught people to cast and fish. I went headlong into that, and then began teaching people who could already fish - and actually rather well - to cast better so that they could catch more fish. One thing lead to another and I started teaching guides to teach casting, instructors to teach casting, instructors to examine (I would have taught examiners to examine but I would have had to kill a few people) - and competition casters to be more competitive. But that’s not teaching fly fishing! That’s teaching fly casting.


This UK fishing season I’m going to teach fishing on the Anglian Waters; Rutland, Grafham, Pitsford and Ravensthorpe. I’ll be living in a camper van - yes going up in the world - and travelling between the lakes following the best fishing. Ashly is coming to join me and requires a shower - apparently. So I’ll install something (haven’t quite worked out how to do this yet). Compromise, that’s the key to any meaningful relationship!


What this will all mean of course, is that I will fish more than Bernd. Bernd pipped me at the last minute last year and passed me unawares with an amazing stint of 123.7 fishing days straight last December - in the freezing cold - while I was busy escaping the Malaysian Tropical Rain and instead socialising at the Rainforest Bar. If I have only one New Year’s Resolution this year - and I don’t have any by the bey - it is to fish more than Bernd AND for my girlfriend to fish more than Bernd too.


Anyway the other night I worked out the meaning of life. Now it’s not what you think, but an alternative vision. Some of you may have difficulties understanding it. But life is not an easy thing to grasp, and so I have come up with a new theory - I call it “Paul’s Star Theory of The Universe”. While laying back on the Condom Titanic, in the Temenggor Jungle, I was looking up at the stars and, not for the first time, considered the possibility that our beings might be a projection from another star - which is really us. I’ll let that sink in for a moment.


On the upside, stars live quite a long time. You read it here first. You know I was once interviewed as to whether Seal’s Fur made nymphing more intense. “I have no idea dude, I haven’t tried nymphing without it!” should have been my response, but actually it’s more technical than that and depends on the type of water.


Back to serious things: this week I’ll be fishing for Snakehead again, I had a great 7 days guiding stint up at 6`am ever morning, occasionally 5am, with 2-3hrs sleep per night. And over the weekend I was teaching a beginner the basics of fly fishing here in Malaysia. All good stuff!