A great week planned!

A great week planned!

Paul Arden | Monday, 29 February 2016

This past week the fishing here on Temenggor has been very slow, for some reason I can only find Snakehead in one Western Arm and very few of them are free-risers - I've been leaving this arm alone because I don't wish to make these fish any harder than they already are, instead I've been saving that fishing for guests and have been chasing Jungle Perch (and Tilapia) on sinking lines in other areas. I think I really need a sounder with side-view for this sort of fishing - if anyone has any connections to a company who might be interested in some really outstanding promotion in the fly fishing market then please let me know because I currently have no connections in this area and an introduction always helps.

This week I'm taking a friend fishing for six days. We'll be camping every second night in the jungle and fishing hard. I'll be doing my fishing through him. That should be an eyeopener for him. It's hard right now and he'll do bloody well to catch a decent fish. But the potential is there - my target is a 5KG plus Snakehead, a Gourami over 2.5KG or a decent sided (i.e. big) Jungle Perch. Shots will be limited but all three are certainly possible. The Jungle Perch will have some luck about it but the others won't!

The last time I cooked a meal for Dirk he couldn't eat it (it was so hot). I'll be cooking for him 4 nights this week. He's already says he wants to lose weight, and this is a strong possibility. Chillies-Potatoes is first on the menu.

I nymph fished for Tilapia once or twice last week and spent all the rest of the evenings chasing Jungle Perch. I've learned some stuff, but have nothing fabulous to show for it. But it is time I started to put some Jungle Perch experience in that isn't just surface flies. There are also shots to be had at Gourami. These fish I've mostly found cruising 1-3 feet down right on the edges of submerged-weedy banks, and once I saw one lined up on stump, but unfortunately I made the mistake of thinking he had moved into the bay when in fact he hadn't and I saw him too late. Are these cruising bankside fish possible targets? Hell yes.

I think once the ant-falls come on then Gourami will become my main target species again. But for now, with Gourami, I think a very stealthy search could provide shots. It's going to be difficult and I don't know how they will react to a dropped damsel nymph. I've bought some thinner (.18mm/20lb) braid in dark green for this fishing today. I'm sure they are takeable with nymphs and possibly dries. I bet they're going to be incredibly challenging. I had one follow down my Gay Pink Clouser but not eat. That was interesting. There was two of them and I spooked the first fish by breathing. Had I not spooked one of the pair, I wonder what would have happened...

Of all the fish in this lake, Queen of the Jungle, is the most interesting. I think I'll fully target these again when Dirk has gone. Then the agenda is some work on the boat, engine service and a trip up to Thailand. Ashly and I will probably hit the salt again but I'm also tempted to check out the Mahseer. Tim had a beautiful Blue Mahseer a couple of weeks ago on the Hot Torpedo 6. I'm just not sure Squeaker is up for such a long haul.

Charles Jardine is on the Board this week as our special guest. :)