A Fly On The Wall Part 6- The Grizzly & Red Pheasant

A Fly On The Wall Part 6- The Grizzly & Red Pheasant

Andy Dear | Monday, 5 December 2022

This week we'll start a new sub category of flies in Dr. Tebbetts personal inventory of patterns, "The Grizzlys".

  The Grizzly & Red Pheasant is what I consider to be John's personal interpetation of the classic Cockroach pattern, originally developed by legendary saltwater fly angler Norman Duncan. Similar to the Cockroach, John's pattern uses the natural grizzly hackles for the wing, with the addition of a light grey marabou tail. Additionally, he adds a few strands of Krystal Flash in contrasting colors on the back and belly for a unique subtle touch. Where it radically deviates from its parent pattern is with the removal of the traditional squirrel tail collar, and an addition of a cheek constructed with a Red Pheasant nape or shoulder. In my personal opinion, this is an interesting and worthy upgrade over the original, adding a bit of color contrast that falls right in line with a natural crustacean vibe. Topping it all off is Bubba's signature Krystal flash head tied in the traditional Florida Keys style. The Grizzly And Red Pheasant is another tie that is indicitive of John's philosophy of "simple. but unique and effective" style of tying.

  I love this pattern for its use of subtle, naturally colored materials, and old-school vibe. I have always thought of Norman Duncan as one of the more underappreciated icons of our sport, and John's variant on the cockroach is a worthy successor to Norman's original. I have added the recipe sheet for the Grizzly & Red Pheasant below for your tying pleasure!

Hope you all are staying safe and healthy!