A Fishing Story from July 2017

A Fishing Story from July 2017

Matt Klara | Sunday, 16 July 2017

I wanted to share this fishing story from a recent outing, just because I don’t think this sort of occurrence gets as much attention in the angling literature on the internet as it should.

It happened just like this...

Early July, 2017.  Three buddies with jobs, families, and commitments freed up an entire Sunday to fish together.  Text messages flew back and forth, and soon a plan was in place.  Everyone made it on time, the boat was in great working order, and life was good.  We did a longer float than any of us have done all summer, just because we actually have the time for it. 

The fishing sucked.  Unexpected, off-color water and unforcast cloud cover made our original plan of sight fishing essentially impossible.  We landed two trout on nymphs, neither over 12 inches.  In one backwater, we lucked into two carp - one intentionally, but on a fly that never works, and one, a no-look gift from the fishing gods. 

Through it all, there was no stress, no drama, and no worries.  We had a great time, told stories, busted chops, fished as hard as we felt like, and that’s about it.  We got stuck at a train crossing for a long time on the drive back.  We got home late in the evening, and no one cared.  Five years ago we would have been super annoyed by our bad catching luck.  Now, a day on the river, worry free, with the boys, is worth more to any of us than a trophy fish.

The next day we all went back to work, changed diapers, sent emails.  And a few texts too.

“I tell you what fellas, conditions sucked yesterday but I’d pay big bucks to be doing that again right now.”

“Yeah, in a heartbeat.”


The End.

Take Care and Fish On,


PS – Sorry for missing last week.  I was down at the grand opening for Big Sky Anglers in West Yellowstone, MT having way too much fun.