It's all about fly fishing

It's all about fly fishing

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 10 May 2017

and fly fishing only!

Back from Gotland, Sweden we went straight into fly fishing our home waters for carp, asp and pike - and all kind of coarse fishing. Pretty good fishing at this time of the year. During the days we were teaching single and double hand fly casting as well as running a workshop on fly fishing for Sea trout in Denmark during the weekend. Before and after the lessons we went fishing. So we had another excellent fly fishing week!

Right now I am sitting in a train to the German island Sylt. During the day I will be teaching fly casting. Hopefully there will be room to chase some Sea trout after the lesson. Sylt is everything but not famous due to fly fishing for Sea trout. But there are some fine fish passing by from time to time and right now is high season of the year. So I (of course) have to try!?

Before starting our annual (hosted) fly fishing trip to the Skjern (salmon) river in Denmark in the weekend I will run another fly casting lesson in Hamburg on Thursday. Pretty busy - live treats me very well these days and I am really thankful to all my students supporting my teaching carreer and keeping me busy!!!

Man, I can't wait to (hopefully) see some of you guys getting linked to a first Atlantic salmon next week. ;) We'll do our upmost to make it happen!

Of course we will also meet for a great fly tying session with our fine friends Viking Lars (a true expert not only in fly tying) and Mark Skovby (Skern Guiding Service). Looking forward to see you guys!!!

I think you'll agree life to be a serious bitch. I can't complain about her these days.
Great week and my best wishes to all of you - especially to our Jungle-Friend Paul.

Screaming reels,

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