t.z. | Friday, 28 April 2017

We - that is Konstanse and yours truely - like the ducks in the pic - are about to cross the line. We are moving together. It´s pretty exciting stuff and a big step for two so independent people like us to decide ... bla bla bla - you know the drill.

So there is not much fishing to report. I did a bit on my recent Germany / Austria trip. But it was far from enough.

In the light of the recent HT hysteria - the above mentioned means also that HT4 #7 and number #9 will be under one roof. HT4 #7 is Konstanses first ever flyrod.

IMG_0709 copy



Thomas Züllich, or - “t.z.” as most call him - is a German flyfisher & flytier living in Norway.

You can book Thomas for flytying classes and presentations.
He regularly gives speeches and demonstrations fairs and is a member of the
Partridge of Redditch and the Regal Vises ProTeam (meaning he got a free shirt).