22 Sexyloops Christmasses

22 Sexyloops Christmasses

Paul Arden | Saturday, 21 December 2019

Viking Lars is off doing some important Christmas pillaging today which gives us a chance to get thoroughly into the festive season with some Christmas trees of past...

Here is one from 10 years ago exactly... http://www.sexyloops.com/2009.shtml?1225 

This was one of Stoatstail's, which as you can read really gets into the Xmas spirit of things, from the vaults of Z-Axis dungeons!!

You can find a very great deal of previous Sexyloops FPs here: https://www.sexyloops.com/index.php/daily-cast-archive/ We only started archiving in 2006, which is a bit of a shame, or maybe just as well - which is another way of looking at it! Prior to archiving FPs we were mostly about creating content pages, since this was our main focus; ie building a fly fishing information resource.

This coming year I'm going to do something which may or may not be quite extraordinary and I'm going to build a fly fishing encyclopaedia out of the vast troves of Sexyloops underground content. I think over the last 22 years we have pretty much convered most things fly fishing related, as well as a few things that have absolutley nothing to do with fly fishing whatsover! A main part of my motivation is to uncover what we have missed. 

Apart from that, it's simply the logical thing to do, with all this information that we have here, as well as finding new ways of making it more accessible - or even discoverable! 

One thing I can promise you, is that it won't be boring! I know that because I'll be writing it :D In fact it won't even be normal... although hopefully it might be more than a little useful! 

Year 2020 is going to be a very big year around here. Hang on to your shorts, it's all about to happen!

Cheers, Paul