Sexyloops - 120’ Video Editing

120’ Video Editing

120’ Video Editing

Paul Arden | Wednesday, 13 September 2023

Later today I will upload the 120’ video filmed with Nick last weekend. I don’t have enough time to make some small edits and then upload before my 4pm lesson (Malaysia Time, which is 9am UK time, when the Sexyloops FPs goes live!).

It’s a good one and we’ve noticed that other casters have been watching these and mentioning them in their videos – thanks guys!!

120’ is a seriously long 5WT distance cast and really is competition level flycasting (no wind). Elements of it I find very useful for intermediate and advanced level fly casting. The Stopless forward and backward elements in particular, are perfect for taking shots into a strong wind, and have the advantage that the fly will not hit the rod tip if you make a mistake. Consequently for me, stopless forward or stopless back casts are key Saltwater delivery shots and something I teach to all of my students.

Right, back to editing, casting lesson, more editing and then hopefully this will be ready to upload tonight.

I’m a bit drained today. I swam 4,2km (2.6 miles) yesterday, with Ashly kayaking beside me. Slower and more tiring than I expected. A bit disappointing really. I did learn that my bloody swim cap doesn’t fit properly and next time I’ll try different goggles too. I’ll try to get another couple of these longer swims in before the Ironman. Possibly the water here being 33C doesn’t help. But still, I should be faster and come out the water feeling fresh. Bike ride tonight and then a 20+ km run tomorrow evening. I’m going to earn that taper!

Back later with a video!

Cheers, Paul