105 glory days

105 glory days

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 28 January 2022

That is how many days it is to my next birthday. It is just coincidence that it is from this day same amount of days that winter war last in 1939. Normally that 105 glory days is combined to winter war and how Finnish could hold over Russians. It is same like never forget 1995. That is when Finland won their first ever ice hockey world Champion.

I start to be in point like on Chorus Queen’s song I’m going slightly mad. Last nigh we had nigh over in our ReindeerNook. It was too hot for me to sleep and only sound I could hear was coming from pump. There is diesel heater and pump is out from Nook but when it so silent as it was you can hear it. It is not Tik- tok, it is more like plhop- plhop. The thing was that rhytm is same like making longer cast, I would say that about 23 meter line out.

Now it is light snowing here. Snowflakes are coming down perfectly, just like your fly should come when dry flyfishing with sight fishing. You know, like that you are not spooking the fish which you can see. Deliver fly perfectly and carefully and then just to see rise and take. When watching those snowflakes, in my eyes hundreds of klinkhämmers and adams parachutes are landing. ”I’m going slightly mad, it finally happened, happened…”

After 105 glory days (well 45 busy days and then slowing down) I will be taking drinks with Satu and with few mates somewhere in really warm place. 103 days and our plain is taking off, I will start my fishing season totally different place than ever before. While waiting that, ”I’m going slightly mad, it finally happened, happened….)

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika the Legend