Michal Duzynski | Sunday, 21 February 2016

Saltwater fly fishing - what a nut to crack.

Back in Italy, I fish only for trout and few months before I move to Australia I tried pike, loved it, but with not much success and I left it as I had to move on.
 Having in mind one fish as a target gave me a lot of peace I think. I collected gear for trout, and tie flies for trout, I read about trout and learn about trout. I was one happy fly fisherman. I came across other species, but did not really pay much attention to them and went back to focus on the trout.
  Trout is a beautiful fish and lives in beautiful water, and I think that is why I love it so much - THE SCENERY while you chasing trout is unbelievable for me. When I go trout fishing I know I’m going to spend a day in a fantastic place and I enjoy it more, as my mind is focus only on one type of fish.

Now here in Australia it is a different story and my head spins all over the place every time I go fishing. 

When I go out here, most of the time I have no idea what I’m after, and it is difficult to even choose what you want to caise as the waters have so much to offer (theoretically). My frustration here maybe cause of not doing SWFF long enough. The difference I think and at the same time answer to my title question is that when I go trout fishing I’m going not only fishing, but mainly enjoy my day out regardless the final results, fish or not.

Here when I go for a fish (I still have fun, don’t get me wrong) I go with - I HAVE TO NAIL IT - approach, and if I don’t catch something (most of the time) I go back home pissed off.

I know when I start catching this imaginary species things will change and I'll start also to enjoy the scenery and the entire day out, but at this early stage I just want to catch, catch , catch. Even the boat I want to buy is called CATCHER. It might be wrong approach, but this how I am fixed about saltwater fly fishing, or maybe I just miss Europe very much. 

All the best to all,