Paul Arden | Monday, 24 December 2018

A good idea from “Slack” Larry is to run a regular Snapcast with updates from the Board. It’s a great idea for those readers who don’t tune in every day! So what I’ll do is make a weekly roundup of Front Pages, Stuntman Ronan’s Report, Hot Torpedo Owners Club and Board discussions, along with any recent videos we upload. We haven’t mailed a Snapcast - the irregular monthly Sexyloops news shot - in about I don’t know how many years. But I’ll make it part of my Monday routine from now on.

I’m back in the UK at the time of writing this - I’m back for Xmas. The fishing on Belum has been particularly difficult - it always is at this time of year. The sight fishing opportunities are very rare indeed!

While here I will attempt to resurrect the old Archived Sexyloops Board which will take a few days and involve some Voodoo. Also I’m working on the Advanced Level for the Sexyloops Casting Challenge. I’ll film how to do the Essential Level. 

I have a safety video for the Flycasting Video Manual to upload, as well as a video showing Stefan Siikavaara how to tie a Snakehead Twisted Leader for his Jungle Trip next year - in the fog. [There was significant humidity on the inside of the lens at the time of filming]

Ashly and I will be attending the UK casting sport event at Lee’s on the 29/30th of December. It will be interesting to see if I can cast in such temperature extremes whilst wearing suitable protection from the elements. I imagine that it will be similar to casting on the North Pole or at the top of Mount Everest. Maybe we should hold Championships there? The wind will surely be the same. 

We may visit Hungary for New Year - but only if there is snow for Ashly. She has a snow thing at the moment, never having seen snow on the ground in real life. We did hitchhike out of Miena last year in a Tasmanian snow storm but that didn’t count apparently. We also got snowed on in the Highlands of Scotland when Ashly was wearing a hot water bottle under her neoprene waders. I suppose she needs the full deal of building snowmen in the freezing cold - or is it “snow-persons” nowadays? I know what I’m going to build...

Basically we won’t just be sitting around drinking beer and eating cake - although I’m sure there will be some of that. Hell, there is also talk of Huchen and Winter Grayling...

I wish everyone a fantastic Christmas. On the European Continent that means today and for most of the rest of the world who celebrate this sort of thing, that means tomorrow. And for those of you Sexyloopers who’ve been around for a while, it wouldn’t be Christmas without me wishing you a “Merry fucking Christmas!!” 

Have a blast and a wonderful day!


PS today’s POD another 7’6 prototype HT courtesy of Santa.