Size does matter after all?

Size does matter after all?

Mika Lappalainen | Saturday, 14 January 2023

Somehow I dropped down in rabbit’s hole last week with a group.
It is not really any new thing for me. People have lot of questions around reindeer when they visit us. This time there were some biologists who made different questions. We have only one rule at farm, it is that any question is okay, it is your responsibility to be able to handle answer, it will be honest one, always.

So they asked how long sex act last when reindeer are doing it. My answer was that minute or two, not more than me when the plan is make a baby, it is different story if you are looking for satisfaction. And there I was going fast down to rabbit hole. My story was only in May going, when question was made. And rutting season is not until September. I already knew how deep in hole I will go.

So eventually we came to September and rutting season. I just couldn't help myself, I had to ask that what the biologist thinks how big is reindeer's penis? They said that some animals have four times from normal when doing it. (don't remember which one, could be horse). I asked if they saw that males have about 5-10 cm long penis hanging, yes we saw. So it would mean that it would be about 20-40 cm when doing it.  

I told them that I have seen it just before act, it is totally something else than 4 times sleeping one.  It will come close to front legs when fully in  charge, so it means that it is easily over 50 cm, I would say close to 1 meter. I tried to find fact for this from web, couldn't find so you just have to believe me.

You know story about two boys? They had fire and decided to pee on it. The other one looked to his friend's penis and said that it is really short. Friend replied that why to take whole hose out when you need only short part, even firemen don't get long hose if fire is near.

So what this all has to do with flyfishing? It is often said that change size of your fly if nothing happens, try bigger one or go smaller if fish have been fished a lot. So size does matter or does it? We man with short penis always says that it is not about size, it is how you use it.

I think that size does matter some, but you can't say that go smaller and smaller if fish don't bite. Maybe different colour? Maybe and in the end it is how you use it, presentation is key. It is often that when season is going forward also insects get smaller, so you have to go with smaller flies to imitate natural food, it has not so much doing about how much they have been fished. Again we humanize too much. We are overthinking. Of course there are situations when going smaller is the key, especially in some waters, still it should not be way to go automatic.

When you go with smaller you change also your presentation, so it is not about size, but how you use it. We often make rules which we use too much, one is go smaller or bigger when it should be more like, work on how you use it, work on your presentation. All man with small dick understand that.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika from Finland

Ps. in summer we fish and have sex, in winter we fish less.