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Tracy&James | Sunday, 1 November 2020

The PULD competition has now been running for just over a week, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have entered so far. There have been some exceptional casts entered, especially from King Bart and Michal who have both posted distances in excess of 130ft – very, very impressive considering it’s a #5 line with only one back-cast. When you consider all the BFCC competitions over the years, only four people have achieved over 130ft in the #5 trout distance event with a ‘normal’ cast (I’m not one of them), but here we have people doing it with a pick-up/lay-down.

Tracy is keen to have another go.  Her first attempt was a bit rushed due the weather – she cast in a short window where it stopped raining.  We’ve had a lot of rain lately, both the Dee and our more local rivers are running very high and coffee coloured, meaning fishing is out for a while.  Actually Wales is in another lockdown with England to follow on Thursday, so I think fishing is now out until December.  As such, I can see both of us having a few more goes in the PULD competition.

What is key to the PULD cast is getting a clean pick-up, this (within limits) is more important to me than getting the longest carry.  A clean back-cast can be extended with a shoot anyhow, thus the carry can be up towards the normal one used for a competition distance cast.  I’ll admit that in normal casting comps my pick-up can be a bit lazy, i.e. just get it in the air, tidy it up in the next stroke, get to the correct carry and then deliver.  The PULD competition doesn’t allow for this though and I’m enjoying really sharpening up my first back-cast from grass.  The weather forecast for today (Sunday) is quite favourable for distance casting, so I’ll certainly be out giving it another go to try and move up the leader board.

Other than that, I think I’m going to break out the fly tying kit.  I usually start restocking our saltwater fly boxes about now so that’s what I’ll do again in the vain hope that Tracy and I can go on a fishing trip somewhere next year.  I’m not too optimistic about that happening though, but we can hope.  Being as we can’t leave the house now I suspect Tracy’s upcoming birthday present is going to comprise of Clousers, big bait-fish streamers and rabbit fur bonefish flies.

If you’re thinking about giving the PULD competition a go then please do.  If nothing else, you’ll improve your first back-cast ready for any quick shots you have to take in the next season.

All the best, James.