Online Casting

Online Casting

Paul Arden | Monday, 15 February 2021

Now it’s my turn to deliver a late front page! A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was looking into giving online fly casting lessons via the Zoom platform. I’m still working on this and seeing what’s possible/practical but so far I’m very pleased. Obviously there are going to be some things that are going to be difficult to teach but when it comes to focussing on what the body should be doing (and after all this is the bit that we teach!) it can actually work very well.

In fact it leads me into a bunch of new ideas and possibilities. I’ll give a few more classes this week and then come up with a cunning plan for the next months.

Here, where I live in Malaysia, the lake is open to fishing again. There was one COViD case last month and so everything was shut down. Fortunately this appears to be have been contained and we can fish again. However no one can get here to fish with me with the movement control restrictions in place!

We still can’t access the Sungai Tiang river project at the moment but I’m hoping to get up there again soon. This is the best time of year to fish the river; it’s dry season and the water is gin clear. When access is permitted again, when the park is open for business and when movement control allows... hopefully then the Orang Asli guides will have some paying fishing guests!


Next month we shoot a few more episodes for the new TV programme. March sees Giant Gourami feeding on the surface eating big black jungle ants in mid mornings. It’s really very exciting fishing and I can’t wait!


Have a great week,