Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 30 June 2023

Hectic two weeks behind now. When reindeer marking started it took 18 hours to work each day. Last weekend we had a two day break from marking, it was midsummer and it is a more important weekend for us than Christmas as a holiday.

Saturday Satu had work to do as Shaman and I went fishing. Graylings were not active on spot I fished even I got two. I saw some nice graylings but they just wanted to enjoy midsummer also.

Satu came to pick up me and we went fishing together. We went on spot which is one of my favourite ones nowadays. It has nice small pockets and holes for dry flyfishing. Good water for nymphingh also, I rather use dries nowadays. It is my first love and always will be.


Anyway, bad choice in the start, I was too eager to reach one spot, wading over there was kind of simple but coming back was something else. Few thoughts were running thru and one point I was sure that swimming could be coming. Eventually I made back as planned.


Another spot, great for dries. Some strikes, one really heavy one. I yelled to Satu that she needs to come fish there. She was on better side of small side stream where hatching was going on.

I got some nice graylings and Satu few. Then I saw that bigger fish to Satu, she really needed to work with fish and eventually landed nice +40 cm grayling. Perfect midsummer day.


Besides that fishing day I have coming home around 3 am, just to take off before 9 am. Life is in the night.... well we don't have it now so.....


Have to run, hay making is waiting. 

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika from Finland

Ps. We have marked over 1300 reindeer calves un our area during past two weeks