Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 13 May 2020

It's wobbling, rotating, jigging, wiggling and rattling. 5 reasons why it can't be a fly, right!?

I designed this fly to cast it on my fly rod. Castabilty is quite well when using a 6 - 7 wt. fly line.

Watching some of my fellow anglers I couldn't deny, that





and rattln rap lures

all have a clear advantage in some situations.

In my experience it depends on a) the species of fish and b) the specific situation and it's certain conditions which senses each fish will mainly use to hunt down a baitfish.

My idea was to put all of the different actions in one fly.

Watching the movement in the water makes me believe this fly will be a game-changer for many species of fish.

Of course some of you fine fly fishermen may argue, that this multi action fly can't be a fly anymore (and thus it won't be fly fishing, too) since it provides all non fly movements!? I probably should add, that I am well prepared and have popcorn and a coke ready! ;)

You may want to check this REPORT, too, if pushing the boarders of fly design seems worth it to you!

Besides that I am going to catch a lot of fine fish on this fly anyway! It truly comes along in a fantastic movement! :)

A small swivel in front of it is needed to avoid leader twist.

Besides designing flies, fly fishing for asp and carp, I was teaching fly casting in the weekend. Not a bad week after all.

Hopefully you are having some fly fishing activities either this week!

All my best


P.s.: I am thinking about adding a flavour tank to my multi action fly as well, but then again I am not having the XXL box of popcorn! ;)

P.p.s.: Last week I managed to land a carp (16Kg), which I was chasing for more than a year. Seems even in times of being locked down to my home waters there is hope for catching a big fish!?

multi action fly

If you want it to move without jigging:

action fly bernd ziesche

Last week...

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