More dates for the diary

More dates for the diary

Tracy&James | Sunday, 1 August 2021

This week, James and I have been distance casting, practicing for both the virtual events and the last three BFCC Meetings of 2021, one of which is in less than two weeks in Derbyshire. This is a new location, proffered by one of our long-standing members after also helping to get an article on the BFCC in the Trout and Salmon magazine. The success of the BFCC is founded on all the members who volunteer to support the Meetings and help promote the club. The club wouldn’t be here if not for these members.

Thankfully after such as a terrible year in 2020, we have managed to run two events and have three more Meetings to go – Derbyshire, Cheshire and Essex. This means we can also run the British Championship where competitors must attend at least two of the Meetings and be successful in a series of the competition events. I think James is currently leading, but TC and Kei are potential winners too. There’s still a chance for them to be beaten if you can attend two of the last three Meetings.

Personally I have found that my casting practice has been going well, though I missed the strong winds James had on Thursday when he cast a stunning distance of 73.5m in the S55g as I had too many work commitments. Today the winds predicted did not happen, however we still managed to get a practice session in and I had a good cast with a ST27 filmed. James has kindly uploaded this video to FB and I entered it into the virtual competition, as he did with his S55g cast. Both of these casts are now leading those events, although there’s still a month to go so plenty of time for people to beat them. I also cast well at the #5, peppering a number of casts at 35+m but none further than the current leader in the virtual event.

I’m hoping that we might have some stronger winds in the next few weeks and that my work does not hamper my opportunity to go out and cast in them. I have yet to enter the S55g virtual event and the PULD, though for the latter I need to find a better casting field as there are way too many snags that would hinder a good pick up.

The next BFCC Meeting is in Ashford in the Water near Bakewell on 14th August 2021. This is a beautiful location and hopefully will be an event with fishing opportunities nearby.I’m looking forward to competing in all the events and catching up with everyone who attends. If in the area, please come along, to compete, or for the excellent fly casting tuition and the friendly banter about all things fishing and casting.

Cheers, Tracy