Lots of Fish, Teaching fly casting and Guiding

Lots of Fish, Teaching fly casting and Guiding

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Summer has fully arrived in Germany: Fly fishing almost 24/7 during the past 2 weeks!

Fair to summarize during the past 2 weeks I didn't do anything else but teaching fly casting, guiding a client into his first asp on fly rod and another one into his first carp on fly rod and of course fishing all along myself in between.

I only lost one hour because I got a tick stich. After having cut it out myself with my knife and using a truly old rum for desinfection I had to see a doctor the next day. Luckily I did not catch lime desease but got inflammed because of my poor self surgery skills. Well, shit happens!

I fly fished for asp, rudd, bream, zander, pike, perch, common carp, mirror carp, grass carp, tench and caught some of each of these species of fish in the past days. Really great fishing! After having tried for 7 years I even did succeed in catching my first grass carp on fly. I have been watching them feeding and moving for many hours during the past weeks. Mostly that was only studying them instead of spooking them by casting my fly to them. The key in catching my first one was exactly in that, studying those fish's behaviour first of all! Grass carp are among the most difficult to catch species of fish on fly rod unless you are lucky to have a total unspoiled water! Once they got caught, they turn to be very spooky and extremely careful in what not to eat.

Right now I will have a proper breakfast and then see what the day will bring. Of course I will be fly fishing!

Great fly fishing to all of you, too!

All my best and some serious pulls at your line


Few fish pictures as always ;) ...