Sexyloops - Jungle Blues vol. 3

Jungle Blues vol. 3

Jungle Blues vol. 3

Viking Lars | Saturday, 25 July 2020

Jungle Blues vol. 3 is a book by an old friend of Paul’s, Stu Tripney. I received my copy a few days ago. It’s a modern epos about the trip Stu took to visit Paul in the jungle. I backed my copy on Kickstarter, but I think that campaign’s over and if you’re interested, you have to buy it in Stu’s flyshop.

Apart from being a funny and thoroughly honest description of what it’s like to travel with Paul, it’s also thoughtful and insightful. I have read it, but I won’t say much, other than I think why Stu and Paul get along well. Upon Stu’s arrival in Malaysia, there’s a delay that forces him to spend a few days in the city before they can into the jungle. And what better way, awaiting weeks in the jungle, to spend time (and money) than to have cataract surgery - so that’s what Stu did. It takes a certain level of madman to that - but then again, it comes across in the book that he’s Scottish, so that might explain it.

This is one of the better flyfishing travel books I’ve read in a long time, and if you’re interested in it, Stu has if for sale in his webshop. I thoroughly recommend it.

All for now, have a great weekend!