Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 18 March 2022

Few days ago I got message from Paul. He would like to have zoom lesson with us. He said that there are few things which should be practised before going. I bought that suggestion right away. We are entering unknow terrritory and I have no idea about snakehead fishing. So we agreed to have lesson in April, then our life should be settle after winter season

I asked if he has video about what we need to train and I got one right away. I watched it once and let in sink to my brains. After two days of sinking, I realize that things to learn are something that I have been using more or less allready. All of the 4 points that we need to learn are in fact something what you should know and be able to do during any flyfishing.

Reach cast, that I do allready with graylings when they are close to my feet or around. So idea is clear, I just need to practise it for stillwater and of course getting better as getting line straight always, no loose allowed.

Slipped lift pick, this is something where I have to get better, I have used in straitened places, when fishing from middle of river to shore and under the trees. It has been more like accidently coming not on purpose and this I need to train more for sure. It will have use also in here.

Check the shoot, that is pretty clear and we all should get better on that, it has mostly do with accuracy and getting control to line. If you have ever fished any rising fish, you know what it means to check the shoot.

Angle change, this is something that I teach and show to my guests all the time. I have practised that I do full round and keeping line in the air. I do it with four steps or with 8. What I need to practise is combine slipped lift pick and angle change, which is also useable in here with rising graylings.

Hover cast, that is for distance of course and yet it is great training about line handling. On this you keep line in the air and ready to land when rise is coming. That is what I do in our lake with rainbows and whitefish allready. When training this I also often get line long and then getting it shorter and back to long one. I think that it is one of the best ways to master your line handling also.

So each cast what I need to learn, I allready know more or less. Now it is only matter to became good on those maybe even great.

Tomorrow I might to go and watch reindeer race, on those driver is with skies behind reindeer. Track is 1 km and world record is 1.13.01. Tomorrow fastest ones will be around 1.16 or 1.17. It means that speed will be just little bit over 51 km per hour. Hopefully on Sunday I will start practising for Malaysia.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika the Legend

ps. Video about casts you can find from sexyloops masterclass.