Fly Fishing forever

Fly Fishing forever

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Fly Fishing is among those sports we can perform all live long. In my point of view this is one of THE highlights fly fishing brings to our lives.

This week we are hosting a fly fishing trip offering all details about fly fishing for coastal Sea trout. One of our guests (Fritz) is in the age of 86 years. Fritz joined us for a first time this April. Since then he was training his fly casting all summer long based on a workout plan I gave to him. Great to see he now shapes impressive loops and hits serious distance. You may check the last three pictures below.

I have seen this happen to a fair number of fly fishermen. Age doesn't keep one from entering a high level of fly fishing skills. I think this is truly fantastic, because it always provides an on going process of becoming better to us - unlike in many sports where one would hit the top quite early in young age.

I don't know how old I want to become. But I do know that studying fly fishing details and improving my ways to teach em is the most important part in my life which hopefully I will be doing until my last day. Watching this to be possible for many of us leaves a great feeling to me.

Right now I will teach fly tying for an hour and then we will chase Sea trout in the middle of a pretty tough wind today. Can't wait! Hopefully you can make time to fly fish either this week!?

Great week to all of you!

All my best

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