Fly Fishing Coastal Sea Trout in Denmark

Fly Fishing Coastal Sea Trout in Denmark

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Right now we are fishing for Sea trout along the Danish coast of the Baltic sea. The summer 2018 (June - August) came along with record temperatures upto 26 degrees Celsius in the shallow water. Quite difficult conditions in order to catch Sea trout though.

In such high water temperatures Sea trout leave the shallow coastal water and migrate down to the deeper water further out in the ocean offering slightly better oxygen levels. Also most Sea trout stop eating in such conditions. For the fish it gets all about surviving.

At the moment the water temperature is between 16 and 18° Celsius in the shallow coastal areas. That's a fair temperature, but still most Sea trout are further out in the ocean. It takes time for them to get back in their normal mood and places.

We are having a great time fly casting, fly tying and of course fishing. Not easy to find fish though, but we had a few fine catches anyway.

After 30 years of fly fishing for Sea trout it still is among my absolute favorite kinds of fishing. Why? Because it just is a brilliant kind of fishing offering a lot of big points like great nature, fantastic fish, perfect oceanic sunrises and sunsets, potential for big fish and a lot of details that take a hell lot of time to learn (better find) them.

Right now we are about starting our second fishing session today. First one took place during the early sunrise!

Hopefully you made time and are in the middle of some fine fly fishing as well!?

Looking forward to meet you somewhere along the water! ;)

All my best

Some pictures from the last days...

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